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9 Questions with Chandler’s Cali Hilgenfeld – Track Spotlight – Presented by Phillips 66 of Ponca City

VYPE: What grade are you in and what sports do you play?

Cali: I am a junior at Chandler High School and I am a member of the pom team and track teams. 

VYPE: Why are you passionate about your sport?

Cali: I am passionate about my sport because in sport you not only compete against others but you also compete against yourself. Competing against myself makes me better.

VYPE: Who is your favorite teacher from any grade?

Cali: My favorite teacher was my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Lee, she made going to school everyday fun and that allowed me to want to learn more.

VYPE: What teammate has left the biggest impression on you?

Cali: Jessie Brannon is a teammate who has left a big impression on my life. She was an amazing teammate. Every time someone needed her, she was always there. You could see her passion for her sport and the drive she had. 

VYPE: Who inspires you?

Cali: My mom, Holly Hilgenfeld, inspires me. She has accomplished so much in her athletic career and on top of that is always putting others first. She inspires me to be the best person in and out of sports.

VYPE: Which professional athlete do you look up to?

Cali: A professional athlete I look up to is Abby Steiner. She is very persistent and hard working. I love how she pushes towards her goals and achieves them.

VYPE: You can pick any place for a summer vacation, where do you go and who do you take with you?

Cali: If I could go anywhere for vacation I would go to Germany. I would bring my parents and siblings.

VYPE: Here is your chance to give a shoutout or say thank you to anyone you wish.

Cali: I would like to say thank you to my Papa for always coming to every event and always cheering for me.

VYPE: Are you involved in any other activities?

Cali: Yes, I am involved in many other activities and clubs. I am in Peer Mentors, Positive Peers, National Honor Society, Gifted and Talented, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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