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9 Questions with Mannford’s Jacelyn Hennigh – Soccer Spotlight – Presented by Indian Electric Cooperative 

Jacelyn Hennigh

Mannford High School

VYPE: Jacelyn, what grade are you in and what sport did you play this year? 

Hennigh: I am a sophomore and I have wrestled for one year. 

VYPE: What other activities are you involved in at school? 

Hennigh: I have been in leadership counsel for a year now and I just recently got accepted to National Honor Society. 

VYPE: Are you making plans for the summer? 

Hennigh: My plan for the summer is to volunteer at nonprofit places. Also go to church as much as I can. I will be going to Arkansas for vacation in June, but the one thing that will be taking up most of my time is my job at a daycare. 

VYPE: What’s your favorite memory from the season?  

Hennigh: My favorite memory will have to be the first week I started wrestling I wanted to quit during a workout but all my teammates that were running with me encouraged me to keep going and not quit. 

VYPE: Tell us about your teammates and what they mean to you. 

Hennigh: I love my teammates because they take care of you if someone messes with you, they have your back they always make sure you’re in a good mood and healthy. While also giving you competition on the mat. 

VYPE: What makes Mannford HS a great place to be a student? 

Hennigh: I would have to say the friendships you make with the other athletes and how much the coaches take care of the athletes and team as a whole. 

VYPE: What are your plans after you graduate? 

Hennigh: After I graduate, I plan on going to Tulsa Community College to get my associates degree. 

VYPE: What do you plan to study in college? 

Hennigh: I plan on going to a nursing school in Colorado to further my education. 

VYPE: What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 
 Hennigh: I love to read books I feel like that’s all I do most of the time. But when I’m not reading, I love to go to the lake and swim with my sisters. 

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